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Eyes (2021) is a browser-based interactive video work by Mateus Domingos and Nathan Bissette.

View the work here.

Eyes explores the navigation of spaces viewed within Google Earth. It explores the terrain and 3D rendering of selected cities. The videos consist of human operated wandering through this space, following and fixating on random details. The soundtrack includes layered field recordings, digital sounds, compositions and fragments of human voice. There is also a text that performs itself, typing and erasing itself from the screen. This text frames the flight and questions whether these could be the actions of a computer becoming human or a human becoming computer.

The website will also contain occasional live-streamed, durational wanderings.

Details of a livestreamed performance will be posted soon.

A non-interactive screen-recorded exceprt is available to watch here.

About us:

Mateus and Nathan often create work together as the band Dead Hand. We are based in Sweden and the UK. Dead Hand releases can be found on our bandcamp.

Mateus also posts things here.

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